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Return to Community College

Sixty-six percent of parents are anxious about sending their kids to crowded classrooms again this fall due to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to an annual back-to-school survey by Deloitte, which surveyed 1,200 parents online from May 29 to June 5.

Community College are an important part of the infrastructure of communities and play a critical role in supporting the individual quest for a degree, getting a job or advancing to a full college degree.

With some Community Colleges they can be in a multi building campus or in a single building with multiple floors.

Students, Teachers and Staff can safely come back into the School by having OneScreen’s GoSafe.

  • Do a Body Temperature and Facial recognition (with or without a Mask)
  • Securely scan in less than one second with on -board AI
  • The only scanner with live video assistance for real time entry approval
  • Provide access control integration for automatic doors.
  • Centralized management for multiple scanners, data and attendance
  • Free unlimited help and training.