What is Emergency Mass Notification? Previously the standard was focused on fire and the fire alarm to get people to leave a building. Now, due to severe weather, terrorist, biological, chemical, and other threats, there is a need for people to receive instruction as to where to go and what to do — not just evacuate.

This is why the National Fire Alarm Code – NFPA72-2010 has been changed in name and premise.  The new name is the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code.

Initial Mass Notification requirements were developed for the Department of Defense after the Kandahar Towers bombing, where many lives could have been saved if the guards on the street level could have had the ability to tell people simply to go to the back of the building. After the Virginia Tech shooting, it was determined that better communication could have saved lives.

Fire Alarms - How many have you ignored? 

The study above shows that people are still in buildings after 11 minutes of the alarm sounding! When the alarm is combined with a live voice providing instruction, after 30 seconds, people were out safely!

NFPA–72 2010 — the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code requires a live paging system to override the fire alarm. In addition, it requires that the speakers meet INTELLIGIBILITY standards. And this is for any building that holds more than 300 people.  

We are certified to offer a product that meets the needs of NFPA-72-2010.  We look forward to sharing with you additional information on how you can better serve your clients.