It is all about effective and efficient meetings!

We have designed and installed some very simple rooms requiring only a projector and a laptop, as well as, some very sophisticated rooms where conference calls can be made showing multiple images from various computers and video devices with ease.  Guests can see and hear everything beautifully – and it can all be run by a person without an A/V background!

Corporate executives, politicians, military personnel, and various others have used our systems with great results.

Many of our clients have requested:

  • Easy to use systems
  • Flawless audio and video teleconferencing
  • Multi-video viewing options (plasmas, projectors, electronic white boards, etc.)
  • The ability for people to hear and understand from every seat in the room without having to strain or be distracted  
  • Balance between the music and the spoken voice
  •  The ability to share the sound and video feeds to breakout rooms
  • The ability to record all day events in your meeting rooms for audio and/or video
  • The ability for high-speed duplication and printing of CD/DVDs for immediate distribution
  • Control audio, video, lighting, HVAC, blinds, etc., all work from the touch of a button

This is what we do and we do it well – give us a call Renovation, and Digital Signage.